Until serving others becomes equally as valuable as serving yourself, relationships with others will always fall short.


Scott Neslage, LA Models Digital Update

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When a relationship is over, leave. Don’t continue watering a dead flower.

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Piñata by Pages Matam (x)

I love this message, but I really love seeing men of color saying things like this—not because they are less likely to believe these things or more likely to support rape apologism, but because white people tend to be the ones who are gifed about serious issues, white people are the ones whose quotes get passed around with thousands and thousands of notes, white people are the ones whose words are taken seriously.

For a black person’s voice to be heard, it has to be stronger and clearer than a white person’s.

Too often, the only time black people get this kind of attention is just when they’re funny or fit into some stereotype—when they can play the part of Mammy or Independent Black Woman or Sassy Black Friend.

Also, I get that clicking and watching a video is a lot harder than looking at a gifset, but I would like to mention that this is one of those times when you really, really ought to click and watch the whole thing, because holy shit.

Echoing Meghan, because holy shit. Gutting and important.

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Her hobby is acting. Her full-time gig is dropping truth bombs all over your feelings.

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^ my life

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Harry then did something that was both very brave and very stupid.

Harry’s entire life ever summarized into one nice phrase in Chapter 10 of SS (via the-spunky-fox)

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